110 BHP front loader tractor

This powerful machine is great for groundworks and agricultural projects. It comes with a front loader and a range of useful attachments. Available for short or long term hire.

4 tonne tipping trailer

A really useful piece of equipment with reinforced sides and hydraulic brakes. Can be used to transport and tip all sorts of materials, including soil, aggregates and muck away. This trailer is ideal for small construction and building projects.

12 tonne tipping trailer

With its hydraulic door and sprung drawbar, this 12 tonne trailer is great for carrying and unloading heavy materials. Ideal for transporting large amounts of grain, muck away, general waste and other materials.

1.5 tonne mini digger

Digging holes & trenches

Landscaping & gardening

Digging ponds & ditches

Tree stump removal

Demolishing sheds & outhouses

Snow ploughing